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Strategy Development + Business Plan

Franchising, Export, Sales

Developing Sales Channels

Partnerships, Legality, Culture


Development, Management, Training

Digital Marketing Strategy

Lead generation, Market outreach, Long-term ROI

Corporate health management

Wellness programs, Workshops, Training

Strategy Development/
Business Plan

Franchising  |  Export  |  Sales

In order to move forward in your business, you need to have a clear vision, mission and goals. Once they’re in place, it’s essential that everyone in your team is heading in the right direction.

We take a holistic approach to your strategy by working from the inside out. Then we develop plans that create solutions now, and set you up for success in the long term.

The core of our service includes:

The core of our service includes:

Developing Sales Channels

Partnerships  |  Legality  |  Culture

Through newly opened sales channels, you have the opportunity to reach millions in a new market. New sales channels develop a strong brand awareness, drive more profits, and generate a healthy buzz about your product.

Our approach cuts out the extra red tape and paves a direct path to your new market and growth through direct sales.

We help you gain traction in your new market and establish a strong presence.

Human Resources

Development | Employer Branding | Training

The employees of your company are your most important resource. Without them, your business couldn’t go far. Not only is it essential to have the right employees in place, it’s also vital to ensure your team is working towards the same goals. You have also to close the gap in knowledge between them, through different suitable development plans based on the 9-BOX-Grid.

Another important part of our services is your Employer branding.
Recruiting has to become sustainable – for better employee loyalty and for cost reasons. According to different studies, the talents think differently now: It is not just the salary, pension plan or fruits basket that is important. It is the corporate culture and values.

Goal: Job seekers are not only impressed by the job advertisement, but they also observe the positive added value in the company. Here you need a modern personnel marketing strategy.

This is called EMPLOYER VALUE PROPOSITION, or EVP for short

EVP describes what current and potential employees in the organization have and can expect. This does not mean the benefits such as remuneration or vacation days, but rather the cultural level: work culture, working atmosphere, digitisation, further training

All internal and external measures of employer communication should be adapted in terms of content to the EVP.

The core of our service includes:

The core of our service includes:

Digital Marketing Strategy

Lead generation  | Market outreach  | Long-term ROI

Whether you’re staying local or you’re moving your business onto international grounds, digital marketing is the most cost effective, direct way to grow your business. The right digital marketing strategy spreads your message, gains reliable leads, and creates buzz about your product.

On top of that, digital trends are always changing. You need a strong strategy that flows with the constantly evolving demands and continues to bring back an impressive ROI.

Our detailed, goal-oriented marketing plans and proven strategies generate profits both now and in the long term.

Corporate Health Management

Wellness programs  |  Workshops  |  Training

The foundation of any great business are the minds behind it. Mental fortitude, clear direction and a depth of confidence are the engines that propel your business forward. That includes the CEO, management and team members alike.

We help you develop a healthy, productive mindset for business. Working with professionalism, actionable plans and mental and emotional strength-building, you will develop the healthy state of mind that sets you and your team up for success.

The digital life balancing programme

We will help:

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