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CASE STUDY Company x




Austrian Company X is in the industrial field. They started working in the famous Free Zone of Dubai a few years ago. Unfortunately, since their opening, they had been facing many challenges that made them regret their decision. They were nearly ready to throw in the towel and close their Middle East operations altogether.

We discovered that Company X had stable sales channels and distributors in place before opening their subsidiary. After a closer look, however, we saw that the distributors weren’t on board with the new subsidiary in the Middle East. In order to keep them as partners, Company X was offering the distributors the same discounts. We saw this was heavily affecting their margins.

At the same time, a deep look within their other partnerships revealed that many partners were feeling demotivated, which was also causing a huge loss in sales.

We started by working out Company X’s costs and strategies, and made a plan to pull them out of deep water.

This is what we did:

  • Changed their location to a new Free Zone and arranged better pricing that contributed heavily to their bottom line
  • Helped them open another office in another country, using reliable connections to secure the lowest possible costs.
  • Through our database, we guided them in hiring the right people based on their budget
  • Digitized some of their operations, making a great impact on their overall savings
  • Developed a new strategy for their pricing system in the Middle East, which reflected on the market and their newfound success

In the parallel country, Company X saved 6x on ROI because of lower salary payout as compared to Dubai. And since then (1.5 years), Company X has had a drastic increase in turnover, with their market share increasing every year in the Middle East.

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