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Programs, products and strategies for a healthy, resilient and a sustainable world.

Business consulting
for a sustainable business

Life balancing program
for employees

Life transformational programs
for individuals

Analyze. Collaborate. Grow.


We help businesses expand into new markets through a network of unique minds and specialists, strategic planning, and goal-oriented support. Your business growth starts on the inside. We analyze your business for solutions from the ground up. We use creative innovation from the greatest international minds in business, as well as provide mental coaching to establish long-term solutions for sales and growth.

Strategy Development + Business Plan  | Franchising, Export, Sales
Developing Sales Channels  |  Partnerships, Legality, Culture
Human Resources  |  Development, Management, Training
Digital Marketing Strategy  |  Lead generation, Market outreach, Long-term ROI
Mental Coaching and Employee Wellness  |  Life-Balancing programs, Workshops, Training

Employee Life-Balancing Program


U-livewell is a completely new concept.
It provides answers to the challenges of the working world today: Cost and time efficient. It is high quality, with a personal touch and lasting effect.
For the right balance. For performance and well-being.

Developed from resilience research, the program contains a mix of holistically strengthening trainings, tools and knowledge for mind, body, and spirit. Practical and digital. Quick to start. And easy to integrate into everyday life.

U-livewell offers a variety of life-enhancing tools from a single source.



U-Retreat supports you in becoming a healthier and happier version of yourself. We do this by helping you create healthy habits and transforming your mindset. Retreats in beautiful places around the world, online retreats and yoga sessions as well as webinars are just some of our specialties that will help you change your life. We also offer online coaching and mental training for all those who feel stuck, unhappy or just need a direction. Our vision is to help everyone live the best version of themselves, and we will teach you how to live a healthy, relaxed and happy life.

Choose one of our life changing retreats and get the support of our international trainers. You will develop skills and abilities in the following areas:


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